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Christian Bell is one of the most popular actors in Hollywood.

The Welsh actor made his debut in Steven Spielberg's 1987 war movie Empire of the Sun, and has never looked back since.

Bell is famous for his immersive acting. He won the best supporting role Oscar for his role in the fighter.

Since then, he has been nominated for three Oscars, including his roles in American Deception, Big Short and most recently Vice President.

As Bell continues his journey of genius, fans can review his best role.

He just released his latest film Thor 4: Love and Thunder on Disney+. The actor is already preparing for the release of Amsterdam, which is the next work of his legendary film career.

When he continues to receive high praise among film critics, fans of this actor can review his 15 most acclaimed films.

15. The Tearing Doomsday (2002)

The Tearing Doomsday, released in 2002, is a sci-fi dystopian film that took place after the Third World War. It combines future technology with martial arts and reminds people of the Matrix.

In this often forgotten box office failure film, Bell's main character, John Preston, was a priest with high status in the totalitarian society in 2072.

Although The Tearing Doomsday has never resonated with ordinary audiences or film critics as the filmmakers hoped, this film is still more or less a cult classic and has received surprisingly high praise on IMDb.

For fans of Christian Bell, this is an opportunity to see the role he rarely accepts in his current career.

14. Henry V (1989)

Kenneth Branagh's performance of Shakespeare's classic drama Henry V in 1989 is considered by many to be one of the best film adaptations of Shakespeare's works.

This film is one of Bell's earliest acting roles, in which he plays Robin, a porter involved in the Anglo French conflict.

When the film was released, Christian Bell was only 15 years old. He showed his talent for acting very early and faithfully played Shakespeare's lines, which was better than most actors of his time.

Although Bell will not appear in the subsequent adaptation of Shakespeare's plays, he does have the special quality of bringing such works to the big screen.

13. The Thirteen Hairpins in Jinling (2011)

The inspiration of The Thirteen Hairpins in Jinling comes from Yan Geling's novella, which is based on the diary of an American missionary and adapted from the horrors of the Nanjing Massacre in 1937.

In this thought-provoking film, Bell plays John Miller, an American mortician who was in trouble in the ensuing massacre.

The film critics quickly praised its adaptation of the terrible historical events that inspired it, and won several honors after its release in the cinema.

12. Psychopaths in America (2000)

American Psychopath is often considered one of the best movies ever made by Christian Bell.

The film is adapted from the novel of Brett Easton Ellis. Bell plays Patrick Bateman, a banker hiding a double life and a ruthless serial killer.

"American Psychopaths" seems to become more and more popular with the growth of age, and has gained a number of fanatical followers in the decades after its release.

Therefore, many of Bell's fans believe that this film is his best performance so far, and his role has become one of the most acclaimed serial killer images in the film.

11. The Empire of the Sun (1987)

This is the second feature film of Bell, who is 12 years old. He plays the leading role in the World War II movie "The Empire of the Sun" directed by Steven Spielberg, which tells the story of a real British boy who finds himself captured by Japanese soldiers.

This film, from Jim's perspective, tells the hard life of a British boy living in Shanghai under Japanese rule during World War II.

Adapted from J.G. Ballard's autobiographical novel, Jim struggles with disease, food rationing and supply shortage in Chinese prisoner of war camps.

Jim, who longed to be reunited with his parents, found his inner strength and spirit to cultivate hope.

10. The Battle of Yuma Town (2007)

In his first official western, Bell competed with Russell Crowe, who was also powerful, in the remake of "The Battle of Yuma Town" in 2007.

This film is directed by the successful director James Mangaud, who once directed Logan and Raider 5, and has been widely praised by film critics and audiences.

Bell plays the gentle rancher Dan Evans in the film. He accepts an unenviable task to guard the arrested criminal Ben Wade (Crow) until the famous and unjust train comes to take him away.

When waiting for the 3:10 train to arrive, Evans and his son William (Logan Lehmann) must resist a group of invading gunmen.

Meanwhile, Wade tried his best to outwit Evans and escape.

9. Mechanic (2004)

Fans and film critics were shocked by the amazing physical changes that Bell had experienced for the characters in The Mechanic.

As the main character of the film, Bell can hardly be recognized, but in the years after the film was released, Bell's appearance has become an amazing landmark image.

Bell lost an unprecedented 63 pounds, from 173 pounds to 110 pounds, in order to play the guilt ridden insomniac Trevor Reznick.

It is reported that Bell wanted to reduce his weight to 100 pounds, but the producer was worried about his life safety and did not allow him to do so.

Nevertheless, the story of an industrial mechanic who was unable to sleep for a year because of regret for a fatal accident is still one of Bell's best works.

8. The Fighter (2010)

Bell won his first and only Oscar for playing Dickie Ekren in The Mechanic.

Until today, this film is considered one of Bell's best works, if not his best performance on the screen.

The name of the film not only refers to the boxing career of Dickie's brother Mickey Ward (Mark Wallberg), but also relates to Dickie's fight against cocaine addiction.

In order to play the role of Dickie well, Bell lost 30 pounds. When the subtitle appeared at the end of the film, Dickie was proved to be the core and soul of the film.

Bell spent hours with the real Ekrund, studying his rhythm and manners.

7. Big Short (2015)

Bell won his third Oscar nomination for his role in big bear, a comedy that examines the US real estate foam that led to the economic collapse in2008.

This is the third time he has played a real life role and won an Oscar nomination.

In the film, bell plays Michael berry, a maverick hedge fund manager whose foresight on the real estate foam enables him to take advantage of market trends.

Because of his lazy appearance and disregard for professional norms, Bury was underestimated, but he used his intelligence to deceive the system.

6. The King of Speed Cars (2019)

"The King of Speed" is a sports drama, which tells the real confrontation between racing driver Carol Shelby and Ken Miles in the 1960s.

Bell once again worked with director James Mangold to play Miles in the film, which won the unanimous praise of the audience and critics.

This 2019 film shocked critics and audiences with its high-quality narrative and incomparable visual effects, and won several Oscar nominations for it.

To this day, it is still one of Bell's best performances.

5. Hal's Mobile Castle (2004)

Christian Bell is such a warm and serious actor that it is almost impossible to think that he would dub a pg animated film. However, the audience was surprised to find that the British actor dubbed him in the 2004 classic film Hal's Moving Castle.

Bell dubs for the main character in this imaginative film, telling the story of a teenage girl Sophie who is cursed by a witch and whose body becomes an old woman.

When Sophie met a magician named Hal in the mysterious floating castle, she was given an important choice to decide her fate.

4. Batman 2005

Christopher Nolan changed the scene of Batman in comic books in Batman, from camping and vulgarity to tough crime theme.

According to the voters of IMDB, he found the perfect hero, Bell.

Contrary to Tim Burton's Batman movie, Nolan reshapes Bruce Wayne into a tougher and simpler character.

In Batman: Time for War, Wayne goes abroad to train with his mentor, Las Earl Goff (Lian Mu Nissen). This is a background story.

When he learns how to become Batman and fight crime, Wayne must defeat the Scarecrow (played by Hilian Murphy) and his evil followers.

3. Batman: The Rise of the Dark Knight (2012)

When Bell played Batman for the last time, Christopher Nolan made every effort to shoot this amazing blockbuster "The Rise of the Dark Knight", which still withstood the test of time ten years after its first release.

The film tells the battle between Batman and the ruthless Bain (Tom Hardy). The story takes place eight years after the clown rampaged around Gotham.

Batman restores order with the help of Catwoman (Anne Hathaway) and protects the city from barbaric terrorists.

When Batman fought with Bain, Bruce Wayne tried to repair his tarnished reputation after taking the blame for Harvey Dent.

2. Lethal Magic (2006) watch more Find Movies and TV Series Online read more

Christopher Nolan produced his best film between Batman and The Dark Knight, starring Christian Bell and Hugh Jackman as the two main magicians.

At the turn of the 20th century, the story of two competing magicians gave Bell the opportunity to play two different roles.

Nolan allowed Bell to play twins Alfred and Freddie Borden secretly, which was more skillful than any actor on the stage.